Marek Romanowicz

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I am a recent Engineering graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge University, where I specialised in Information Engineering. In my studies, I focused mainly on Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and programming. I am particularly fascinated by the world of startups and Data Science, and enjoy meeting interesting, similarly minded people every day in the Bay Area. Citizen of the world, originally from Poland.


I've recently started a new adventure at Facebook in New York where I joined as a Software Engineer with Machine Learning focus.


Neural Networks

As part of my master thesis I used Convolutional Neural Networks for image recognition problems to gain experience in Theano and TensorFlow.


Occasionally participate in Data Science competitions if time and work commitments allow.

Next Step, Poland

Organized a conference in Cambridge for students to get to know the finest Polish employers.

Natural Language Processing

Getting to know modern NLP techniques by following Stanford's course in my spare time.


Exploring the world and getting to know its people is one of my favorite hobbies. When I was young, I toured around Europe with my parents. I am very grateful that they instilled in me this genuine desire to go far into the unknown. I still vividly remember my first trip to United States when I was 16 which would have been impossible without their support. Attending university abroad in the United Kingdom only made it easier to make friends from all over the world and travel with them.

Last summer, I went for 2 months to Asia with two friends, resulting in plenty of memorable experiences. It was particularly enriching to see the world from a different perspective outside the Cambridge bubble. I started off this year with a trip back to Europe visiting friends back in Poland and the UK before heading back through NYC. I am probably going to stay in San Francisco for a while, but looking for new travel suggestions. Hit me up on social media if you have any interesting ideas.

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I recently discovered writing as an enjoyable way to express myself and externalize my observations. Having moved to San Francisco, I found an exciting startup in the blogging space called Medium that is especially popular in the area. Feel free to check it out here! Any feedback or comments are highly encouraged.


I update my CV regularly. The latest version can be found here.

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If you have any comments, suggestions for improvements, or would like to collaborate on a project, you should definitely reach out over social media or simply drop me an email. New and crazy ideas are always welcome!

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